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2013 Mt. Vernon Rams Football Highlights:
at Rochester (Week 1):
Fitz to the House!

at Mascoutah (Week 2):
Demontez demonizes the Indian defense for a big run!
Dylan finds Doug for 6 through the air!
Drew dives for 6!
Reeves and Gardner teach Mascoutah the Dougie

vs. Triad (Week 3)
Doug Does Defense
Drew. Hester.
Demontez Miller-Gray 68-yard touchdown run
Knutson with a Ktackle for loss!
Graham Henken goes 7 for 6!
Rams Team Tackle against Triad

vs. Carbondale (Week 6)
Drew Hester LEVELS Carbondale...seriously.
Drew Hester LEAPS for the endzone!

at Cahokia (Week 7)
HIGHLIGHT - CJ Loyd plus 27 equals 6!
Demontez (Miller-Gray) Dazzles for 78 yards!

at Mattoon (Postseason)
Game Winning Play

2011 Mt. Vernon Rams Football Highlights:
vs. Carbondale (Week 6):
Blake Stricklin Strikes for 6


2013-14 Mt. Vernon Rams Basketball Highlights:
vs. Collinsville [Pyramid Plus]
Fitz with a DEEEEEEP 3 to beat Collinsville!

at Carbondale:
Shakari Salem! (at Carbondale)


2012-13 Mt. Vernon Rams Basketball Highlights:
"We Like Pike!" - 3-ball sends to OT! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Buddha to the bucket! Shakari big in OT! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Finding Feezer: a personal 4-0 run! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Trevor Flota starts a run! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Hawkins BURIES a BIG three! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Pike layup at the buzzer--AND ONE! (vs. Cahokia - 2012)
Liddell makes it Easy for Feezy! Big baseliner! (vs. Mascoutah)
Shakari ties it for Rams AGAIN! (vs. Mascoutah)
Travis Mitchell knocking at the backdoor! (vs. Mascoutah)
NBA RANGE FOR FLOTA! (vs. Mascoutah)
CRUNCH TIME 3 FOR FITZ! (vs. Mascoutah)
Fitz ties it again! 32-32! (vs. Mascoutah)
Floooooooooooooooota for 3!
Floooooooooooooooota for 3! AGAIN & AGAIN
NO JOKE! Liddell with a 1st half buzzer beater!
Feezy makes a 2-handed flush look easy!
'Teach me how to Dribble Drive Dougie'
Travis Mitchell from downtown
McFeezy, McBaseline.
Luke Wilson's sweet stroke
Jake Pike penetrates!
Pike front-to-back to Feezy!
Feezy takes a spin!
Defense-to-Offense! Shakari steal into a Pike layup!
Cuh-caw! Backdoor to Hawk!
How 'bout that Freshman?!? [Fitzjerrells]
Buddha goes Ahddub with a reverse layup!

2011-12 Mt. Vernon Rams Basketball Highlights:
Leonta Badger Slams the Pyramid!

Leonta Badger – “Coast to Coast”

Trevor Flota! Big 3 against St. Anthony
Trimble Triumphs! Go ahead jumper against St. Anthony
“No Good!” St. Anthony comes up just short.
T-Flow! Another big 3 for Trevor Flota
Ty’Ril Trimble being Ty’Ril Trimble
Leonta Badger – Human Highlight Reel
Create some offense with a little defense…
Triple Trimble!
Clay Payne twists and turns
Major Payne: CP with another big layup
Feelin’ the Flo(ta)… Another big 3 against Althoff!
TY’RIL THE TERRIFIC! Another game winner for Trimble!
A Trimble-ing finish!
Flota: Back-to-back-to-back 3s?  Yes!
Leonta Badger: For the Win!
Clay Payne to the hoop!
Ty’Ril the terrific…assist! Feezer comes up big!
What did Trevor Flota do here?!?
Liddell: Coast-to-Coast!
Badger steals 2!
NBA 3! Trevor Flota!
Trimble steal and layup
Clay Payne dunks out of nowhere!
Lee Badger with a royal flush!
Leonta Badger buries another!


2012-13 Mt. Vernon Lady Rams Highlights:
A CLAIRE-voyant move by Ryan!
SCARBROUGHt it! Big 4th Quarter 3!
Post up Palmer!
Kelby K with a trey--AND 1!
Ryan to Lockhart back door! (vs. Centralia)
Kelby Kujawa Backdoor to Claire Ryan (vs.Centralia)
Steal and a deuce for Palmer! (vs. Centralia)
Aaliyah Palmer BIG THREE!
Back door open again! Hannah Owens!
Lockhart to the rim! (vs. Centralia)
Aaliyah Palmer for three!


2011-12 Mt. Vernon Lady Rams Highlights:
Cheyenne Piper: Sharp Shooter!

Palmer for threeeeeeeeee!

Cheyenne Piper: Big knockdown!
J-Green: BIG OT 3!
Green with a deuce!
Lockhart cleans up!

Green 3 vs. Freeburg
Cheyenne Piper!

Green: Regional 3!


2011-12 Jefferson County Basketball Showcase Highlights:
Waltonville Spartans Highlights:
Hale to the Rim!
Waltonville/Woodlawn Montage

Webber Trojans Highlights:
O’Dell with an O’Drive!
Dye paints a 3!
Lynn launches a 3!

Dye: The Predator stalks his prey

Woodlawn Cardinals Highlights:
Hollenkamp makes something outta nothing!
Hanging with Hollenkamp
Christian contorts!
Christian crams another!
Gabe Owens, 3-point specialist
Woodlawn/Waltonville Montage


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